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The final illness and death of Prince Albert through Queen Victoria’s letters and journals - 8th December 1861:

Prince Albert by George Patten, dated around 1840 © Royal Collection Trust / HM King Charles III

“Enquired at 6 when I woke & heard dearest Albert had had a fair night, with a good deal of sleep. At 7 went into him, & again after my breakfast. He seemed very weak, but still, could talk. The Doctors thought him going on well. The usual symptoms of this illness were but slight, & the pulse not bad, but the tongue very furred & great thirst. The window was open, the day being so fine. Albert was very anxious to change his room, & he was placed in the Blue (King’s room) which greatly pleased him. The sun was shining brightly & the room fine, large & gay. He kept remarking on it. He also said he would like to have some music, “to hear a fine Chorale played at a distance”. We had a piano brought into the next room & Alice played different Chorales he was fond of, & he listened with such a sweet expression on his face. I left him to take a short walk. He took chicken tea every 3 hours & a little wine. When I returned, as he was asleep I rested a little, as I felt so tired & worn out. — Went to Church, where M’ Kingsley preached, but I felt my mind always wandering. — Took in Ernest a moment to see Albert after luncheon. He was surprised not to find him looking more ill. The Doctors go in constantly & one or other of the valets are always there. they are most attentive & handy. – Drove out with Alice, dear Marie (who is a great comfort) & darling Baby, who was too funny. then back again to my beloved one, & later sat reading to him, till he fell asleep. – The DSS of Atholl included in our small family dinner. Went in to see dearest Albert, who was so pleased to see me, stroking my face & smiling. D’ Jenner was going to sit up again. -“

© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2012

© Bodleian Libraries © ProQuest

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