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Over the last few years, Amelia has worked with a number of event managers, historians and historical sites to bring Victoria & Albert back to life.  Amelia has provided historical interpretation and talks all across The UK Including stately homes, leading heritage events as well as working with some of The UK’s leading historical interpretation companies. 


As her work continues, Amelia has plenty of plans for the future and is available for historical talks, research and historical interpretation. From costume talks, research talks, workshops and hands on history Amelia covers a wide range of areas to enhance your event. She has made it her mission to shine a light on Queen Victoria and bring her out of her widow weeds and back into the light. 

Young Queen Victoria & Queen Victoria Revival was founded in 2017 by writer, historian and historical interpreter Amelia Stephenson. Since the beginning of her journey, Amelia has dedicated most of her time to researching and writing about Queen Victoria, along with her large family and record breaking reign. As well as travelling The UK Amelia has been bringing Queen Victoria back to life in the form of historical interpreter and educational talks. From life stories to extracts from Queen Victoria’s journals, Amelia offers a wide range of posts, which are shared daily across this website & her Instagram/Facebook pages.


If you are interested in booking Amelia or have any business enquiries, please email Amelia at - 

"One of Queen Victoria’s biggest fears was being forgotten by history so I have made it my mission to create a space that allows people to learn about and understand the true Victoria”– Amelia

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