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Oueen Victoria's Journal - The death of Prince Harald of Schleswig-Holstein, 20th May 1876

On 20th May 1876, Prince Harald, son of Princess Helena and grandson of Queen Victoria, died aged just eight days at Cumberland Lodge, Windsor.

"Reached Perth at ½ p. g. I found 2 telegrams awaiting me, which I opened, & was dreadfully shocked & distressed by the following words from Christian: "Our darling little boy was taken from us this morning. Lenchen bears up pretty well". Too sad, - too distressing. Dr Fairbank telegraphed that up till 3 this morning the improvement in the symptoms had continued but then most violent convulsions came on, from which the poor dear little Baby never rallied, & died quietly at 7.25. Dreadfully grieved & upset. I had been so full of hope, else I should have never left, & I am so distressed about my now poor darling child, fearing it might do her harm, though I hope not. All in 2 days, this joy & happiness turned to such bitter grief! - Sent off telegrams. - Went on again at ½ p. 10. Could think of nothing else but this sad event & kept constantly seeing the sweet little Infant before me, which I then thought was recovering! May God support my poor dear Child! - Had some cold luncheon after Aberdeen, & reached Balmoral after 3, a sad arrival. - After having some tea & resting, took a little walk with Beatrice. - Received a touching telegram from poor dear Lenchen, who they say was calm & not ill, thank God! Alix had at once kindly gone down & seen her. - Only the 2 Ladies dined with us. All, full of sympathy.

RA VIC/MAIN/QVJ (W) 20 May 1876 (PRINCESS BEATRICE'S COPIES) retrieved 5 May 2024

© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2012

© Bodleian Libraries © ProQuest

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