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Learn all about Victorian England with royalty themselves !

You are cordially invited by Royal Invitation to meet Her Majesty Queen Victoria and His Royal Highness Prince Albert through the magic of technology ! Join The Royal couple as they teach you the ups and downs of Victorian life, from the slums of Victorian Britain to the hallways of Royal Palaces. Are you ready for The Industrial Revolution ?
Join them online, where your child/class can time travel to this exciting and informative century with two highly experienced actor-historians whom have worked along side museums, festivals, historians and much more.

Each session is 45 - 60 mins long and is jam packed with fun activities, quizzes, story time, facts and more...
For educators wishing to book a school group via Zoom, please fill out our contact form and we will contact you with our school rates.

What will you learn?

Jump on to the steam train heading to Buckingham Palace to meet Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, hold on tight whilst your class will whisk through the Victorian era to learn the prim and proper ways of life all the way down to the Victorian slums and workhouses. Victoria and Albert will talk you through the highlights of their lives including The Great Exhibition and Industrial Revolution. 

What is included in the package ?

Our sessions contain a 40-60 minutes interactive and live sessions with Victoria and Albert which is finished off with a question and answer time.

To create a more fun and exciting experience we include an authentic welcome letter from the royals themselves ! We also include an exciting package of activities, colouring and games to let students/ children exercise what they have learned. Each package contains a signed letter from The Royal Couple.

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