Royal Visits

Presentations can include artefact and replica handling sessions, costumed character interpretation, tours of historical sites, story-telling and any other requests.


We are comfortable working with adults and children with learning disabilities, pupil referral units and special needs groups.

We also work with museums and home educators.

Luncheon and afternoon tea with her Majesty

 How about taking afternoon tea with Queen Victoria and Prince Albert ?

Let your guests be involved and learn the Victorian manner and try to eat before the Queen finishes !

Please contact us for more details regarding accommodation and catering. 

Walkabout Characters

Have an audience with Her majesty Victoria and Albert or just as walkabout characters. Perfect photo opportunity's are always provided. 


Give your parade the authentic Victorian feel with the Queen and Consort participating in the parade !

Opening events

Their majesties is not only historical interpreters they are also sound/lookalikes. The Royal couple or the Queen will be more than happy to give a speech ( whether you or her have written it ) and open events.


Victoria and Albert held many balls during Victoria's reign, they even held balls in support of a small business. Make your ball complete with the royal couples presence !  Victoria and Albert own an authentic 1840's evening attire to impress your guests with.

School and Childrens events

Meet the Grandmother Europe and learn about her 64 year reign !

In regards to popular myth the Queen was often very much amused by children and adored her 9 children. 

Endorse your children with a hands on experience with Authentic Victorian items, Victorian clothing and replicas of Victoria's regalia and crowns.


Much attention is paid during our sessions to the Victorian inventions and the way Victoria and her Consort made a massive change in the century, we provide not only educational but fun sessions !

An audience with the royals

Join Victoria and Albert as they teach you the ins and outs of Royal life, Victorian inventions and the royal couple that changed the world forever!
Join them in either online sessions or host the royal couple in your classroom. Both adults and children can enter a very royal and informative world with two experienced historian reenactors.

Be prepared with all your curious questions and find out Victoria’s personal views on becoming queen and how she changed the world. Victoria will also tell the stories of how she was in fact certainly amused !

Sessions will be held on the modern invention of " Zoom " or in an organised accommodation. Please contact us for prices and availability 

Becoming Victoria

 Find out the research and details of how Amelia ‘became the Young Queen Victoria’. This is an educational yet relaxed talk aimed at groups and shows in depth details of how Amelia researched the role and how she articulated her costume and regalia.

If you are interested in hiring Victoria and Albert for your historical event please fill in the form below.
Her majesty looks forward to hearing from you !


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