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Royal Engagements 

From corporate events to school workshops, we have a whole range of entertainment available to immerse your guests with. All of our packages can be specifically tailored to your needs and budget.

       Engagements can include:

  • Replica handling sessions

  •  Costumed character interpretation

  •  Tours of historical sites

  • Educational talks

  • After dinner/ luncheon audience

  • Workshops 

We are available for many events including Commemorative events, Heritage open days, Family celebrations, Corporate events, Family fun days, Educational filming and much more.

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Luncheon and afternoon tea with Her Majesty

 How about taking afternoon tea with Queen Victoria and Prince Albert ? Let your guests take tea with The Queen and learn Victorian mannerism & etiquette. Learn about how Her Majesty's rather peckish lady-in-waiting The Duchess of Bedford established this quintessentially British tradition that we all know and love.

Please contact us for more details regarding accommodation and catering. 

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Walkabout Characters

Have an audience with Queen Victoria and Prince Albert or just as walkabout characters. The royal couple will promenade around the grounds of the event, mingling with guests and providing an immersive interaction. Perfect photograph opportunities are always provided! 

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Opening events

Th Royal couple would be pleased to grace your event with their presence. Victoria and Albert frequently made public appearances, they began the familiar practice of making official visits as well as attending the opening of factories and hospitals.

Her Majesty will be more than happy to deliver a speech to kick the event off in royal fashion.

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Victoria and Albert held many balls during Victoria's reign, they even held balls to influence and support businesses. Make your ball complete with the royal couples presence.


Our historical interpreters own an authentic 1840's evening attire set with replicas of original regalia to impress your guests with.

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Hands on history

Meet the Grandmother of Europe and learn about her 63 year reign with a hands on experience. 

Endorse your event with authentic Victorian items, clothing, memorabilia and replicas of regalia and crowns.


Much attention is paid during our sessions to the Victorian inventions and the way Victoria and her Consort made a massive change in the century. Our sessions can be tailored and adjusted to your requirements please let us know when booking.

Becoming Victoria

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 Find out the research and details of what it takes to authentically portray a prominent role and how Amelia became the 'Young Queen Victoria’ This is an educational yet relaxed talk aimed at groups and shows in depth details of how Amelia researched the role and how she acquired her costume and regalia.

From the correct undergarments to a replica of Queen Victoria's engagement ring, each detail is thoroughly researched. Not only is much attention paid to the garments but hours of research is spent on Victorian etiquette and language. Antique items, fashion plates and memorabilia will be displayed to give an insight to Amelia's vast collection. 

Royal Visits: Reviews
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Educational Talks

Join Amelia in a variety of talks and demonstrations covering a wide range of subjects. Talks can include visual presentations, trying on replicas, handling antique and replica items, power point presentations and dressing a Victorian lady. The talk subject, contents and length can be tailor made to your needs.

  • Dressing Queen Victoria (Day wear, evening wear or ceremonial robes)

  • Dressing Prince Albert (Day wear, evening wear or ceremonial garments)

  • Women's fashion in the Victorian era

  • Men's fashion in the Victorian era

  • The evolution of Victorian fashion

  • Royals & Rouges, the working class members of the Palace

  • Interpreting the past - the art of researching historical dress

  • 'Becoming Victoria'

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