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The final illness and death of Prince Albert through Queen Victoria’s letters and journals – 26th November 1861:

Prince Albert by John Partridge, dated 1840 © Royal Collection Trust / HM King Charles III

Queen Victoria’s journal:

“A fine morning. — Out walking with Alice. — Dear Albert returned at ½ p. 1, very suffering from the neuralgic pain. He could not go out. — After luncheon walked with Louise in Frogmore garden & drove back. It was quite warm. — Albert obliged to rest & very uncomfortable from the pain in his back & legs. — We dined alone. Marie afterwards played duets with Alice & we looked at albums. —“

Letter from Queen Victoria to Leopold I, King of Belgium:

“My beloved Uncle,— … Albert is a little rheumatic, which is a plague— but it is very difficult not to have something or other of this kind in this season, with these rapid changes of temperature; unberufen, unberufen, he is much better this winter than before was the proceeding years"


© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2012

© Bodleian Libraries © ProQuest

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