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The final illness and death of Prince Albert through Queen Victoria’s letters and journals - 11th December 1861:

Prince Albert in 1844 © Royal Collection Trust / HM King Charles III

Queen Victoria’s journal:

“Another good night, for which I thank & bless God! — Went over at 8 & found dear Albert sitting up to take his breakfast & I supported him against my shoulder, remaining like that a little while. He said “it is very comfortable like that, dear Child”, which made me so happy, though it almost moved me to tears! — Drove out with the D’ of Atholl & Augusta B. Afterwards returned to Albert, who was lying on the sofa & took his broth as usual, but it made him cough. He wandered very much at times. Went to him again after luncheon & then saw Sir J. Clark, who was quite satisfied with the progress. – Bulletins will have to be issued, which rather distresses me, but it cannot be helped. Albert was also to see Sir H. Holland. D’ Watson had seen him in the morning & was returning in the evening, to sleep. Albert had gone back to bed, when I went to him after luncheon. — Took a late short walk with Augusta B. & Saw Sir C. Phipps & then went over to my darling, staying till near 7, for a good part of the time holding his dear hand in mine. He sent for me again afterwards to read to him. D’ Jenner said he was thoroughly satisfied, so did D’ Watson. — After dinner went in with Alice, whom dear Albert was so pleased to see, & asked where Lenchen was. We said as was quite true, that she had gone to bed. M’ Ruland read a little to him, & then he sent for me again, & wanted me to stay some time, & God knows how gladly I should have done so, but M’ Brown was anxious he should rest, as it was near 11. Sir J. Clark had been there when he sat up to take his broth & I observed listened anxiously to his breathing. When I asked what it was, he said it was only a slight sneezing, which was of no consequence whatever. -“

© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2012

© Bodleian Libraries © ProQuest

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