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Queen Victoria's Journal- Victoria, Princess Royal attends her first Drawing-room, 20th May 1854

On 20th May 1854, Queen Victoria's eldest child, Princess Victoria, attended her first Drawing-Room at Buckingham Palace.

Vicky in her Ist Drawing room dress, dated May 21st 1854 by Queen Victoria © Royal Collection Trust / HM King Charles III

"A fine warm day. The public celebration of my birthday today, therefore, at a little before 10, Albert started with all his Gentlemen for the Parade. It was the first time, (as were absent the last year) without the good old Duke & Ld Anglesey & Ld Londonderry were also absent & gathered to their Fathers. Ld Hardinge & his Staff & La Seaton met Albert & rode off with him. I & the girls witnessed the departure from the balcony. The Boys had gone with Col: Biddulph to the Horse Gds to see the Parade. - We walked in the garden, & then saw the return from the window. - We lunched early with Vicky, who, likes me had had her hair dressed, as she was to go to the Drawingroom. I had the Koh-1-Noor in my diadem. We started shortly before 2, for St. James's, Vicky going in the carriage with us. she looked extremely well in a white silk dress, with flounces of Irish Guipure lace, & the bodice trimmed bouquets of roses & lily of the valley, the same in her hair. she behaved very nicely & stood between her father and grandmother (who remained a short time) Aunt Cambridge & Mary were also there. Before the Drawingroom we received the Archbishop and Bishops, to whom I returned the annexed answer, which I had learnt by heart. The Drawingroom was very full & lasted till ⅐ p. 3. - Drove out later with Vicky, dear little Arthur & Flora Mc D. - We dined alone & went to the French Play where we saw 2 little pieces "la Pensionnaire Mariée" in which M. Ferville & Mlle Luther acted extremely well, & "L'Héritiere" in which the former & Brindeau acted very well. The streets were brilliantly illuminated. It always affords me the greatest satisfaction to receive on this day, the good wishes of the Archbishops and Bishops and I wish you to believe that in this dreadful war I feel more than ordinarily grateful for the prayers you offer up to the Almighty for my welfare, that of my family & our beloved Country. I assure you of my constant regard for the Church and the highest offices - so worthily dedicated."

RA VIC/MAIN/QVJ (W) 20 May 1854 (PRINCESS BEATRICE'S COPIES) retrieved 2 May 2024

© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2012

© Bodleian Libraries © ProQuest

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