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Queen Victoria's Journal - The wedding of Princess Victoria Melita of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and Prince Ernst Louis of Hesse, 19th April 1894

On 19th April 1894, Princess Victoria Melita, daughter of Prince Alfred, and Prince Ernst Louis, son of Princess Alice, were married at Schloss Ehrenburg, Coburg.

"I will try & describe this eventful day. - Heard a beautiful Chorale being played under the windows of Affie's Palais. - Got up in good time & breakfasted with Beatrice & Liko. - Did some writing & then dressed. Wore my wedding veil & diadem, as at Georgie's wedding. Went into the Drawingroom, opening into my sitting room, where I found Affie, Marie & dear Ducky, looking very sweet in a dress of white ribbed silk, on her head, dear Alice's wedding veil, a diadem, & a bridal wreath, which Bee & Feo Meiningen were arranging. The Civil Marriage took place first, & then we proceeded to the Chapel, Affie taking Mme Marie had gone with William & Bertie. The Chapel is not pretty, but was completely hung with garlands & very tastefully arranged. It was crammed full. There was a short pause before Ernie entered with his uncle William of Hesse, & then quickly followed the dear Bride led by the hand by her Father, her train carried by her sister Bee & Feo Meiningen. 7 steps lead up to the altar, where stood the Clergy. We were all seated in semi circles on either side of the altar steps, William next to me & on his other side Marie. Vicky sat between Bertie & Nicky. The service began by a fine Hymn, very well sung, followed by an address by the General Superintendent Müller, which was very good. then came the exchange of the marriage vows, as in our service & the exchange of rings, after which a prayer & the benediction concluding with another Hymn. Ernie led Victoria Melita down the steps to me & I embrace both her & him tenderly. I felt much moved in thinking of his dear Parents who would have been so happy. The whole service was very solemn & well done, but I like ours so much better. [...]

Princess Victoria Melita and Prince Ernst Louis in their wedding day © National Portrait Gallery, London

[…..] The young couple left the Chapel together, & I followed with. Affie, everyone else coming after us. I was rolled along & went up in the lift.

The young couple & all the Royalties were assembled in the first Saloon, & after a few minutes, we went into the Thronsaal, where the large Family Wedding Breakfast took place. I sat next to Affie, with Nicky who is a dear, charming boy, on my other side. The young couple sat opposite, Vicky next Affie & Bertie next her. William gave out the health of the Bride & Bridegroom. As soon as luncheon was over, Ducky cut the cake, & then returned to my rooms. Marie brought in dear Ducky before leaving, & she was a good deal affected. Ernie soon followed & 1 said a few affectionate words to both. Ducky was in her travelling dress of pale grey. They were going to Kranichstein for the night & make their entry into Darmstadt tomorrow. hastened to the window to see them drive off, which they did amidst much cheering. - Drove out after 5 with dear Vicky but had to come back very soon, as a terrible thunderstorm came on. - Only a small dinner, Vicky, Marie, Ella, Serge, Henry, Iréne, Alicky, Arthur Mensdorff, Pss Hatzfeld (Vicky's Grande Maitresse) Ps Ratibor, & Baron Reischach. Marie was wonderful, & so kind. After dinner, Mr C.

Stephen, who has been most useful, came in. - Heard the dear young couple had arrived at Kranichstein at 9."

© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2012

© Bodleian Libraries © ProQuest

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