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Queen Victoria’s Journal - The wedding of Princess Victoria Melita and Ernst Louis, 19th April 1894

"I will try & describe this eventful day. — Heard a beautiful Chorale being played under the windows of Affie's Palais. — Got up in good time & breakfasted with Beatrice& Liko. — Did some writing & then dressed. Wore my wedding veil & diadem, as at Georgie's wedding. Went into the Drawingroom, opening into my sitting room, where I found Affie, Marie & dear Ducky, looking very sweet in a dress of white ribbed silk, on her head, dear Alice's wedding veil, a diadem, & a bridal wreath, which Bee & Feo Meiningen were arranging. The Civil Marriage took place first, & then we proceeded to the Chapel, Affie taking Mme Marie had gone with William & Bertie. The Chapel is not pretty, but was completely hung with garlands & very tastefully arranged. It was crammed full. There was a short pause before Ernie entered with his uncle William of Hesse, & then quickly followed the dear Bride led by the hand by her Father, her train carried by her sister Bee & Feo Meiningen. 7 steps lead up to the altar, where stood the Clergy. We were all seated in semi circles on either side of the altar steps, William next to me & on his other side Marie. Vicky sat between Bertie & Nicky. The service began by a fine Hymn, very well sung, followed by an address by the General Superintendent Müller, which was very good. then came the exchange of the marriage vows, as in our service & the exchange of rings, after which a prayer & the benediction concluding with another Hymn. Ernie led Victoria Melita down the steps to me & I embrace both her & him tenderly. I felt much moved in thinking of his dear Parents who would have been so happy. The whole service was very solemn & well done, but I like ours so much better. The young couple left the Chapel together, & I followed with. Affie, everyone else coming after us. I was rolled along & went up in the lift. The young couple & all the Royalties were assembled in the first Saloon, & after a few minutes, we went into the Thronsaal, where the large Family Wedding Breakfast took place. I sat next to Affie, with Nicky who is a dear, charming boy, on my other side. The young couple sat opposite, Vicky next Affie & Bertienext her. William gave out the health of the Bride & Bridegroom. As soon as luncheon was over, Ducky cut the cake, & I then returned to my rooms. Marie brought in dear Ducky before leaving, & she was a good deal affected. Ernie soon followed & I said a few affectionate words to both. Ducky was in her travelling dress of pale grey. They were going to Kranichstein for the night & make their entry into Darmstadt tomorrow. I hastened to the window to see them drive off, which they did amidst much cheering. — Drove out after 5 with dear Vicky but had to come back very soon, as a terrible thunderstorm came on. — Only a small dinner, Vicky, Marie, Ella, Serge, Henry, Iréne, Alicky, Arthur Mensdorff, Pss Hatzfeld (Vicky's Grande Maitresse) Pss Ratibor, & Baron Reischach. Marie was wonderful, & so kind. After dinner, Mr C. Stephen, who has been most useful, came in. — Heard the dear young couple had arrived at Kranichstein at 9. —"

© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2012

 © Bodleian Libraries © ProQuest

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