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Queen Victoria’s Journal - The wedding of Princess Marie of Edinburgh to Crown Prince Ferdinand of Romania, 10th January 1893.

Updated: Jan 21

Portraits of Princess Mary and Prince Ferdinand of Romania on the occasion of their engagement © The Trustees of the British Museum

In late 1892, King Carol, Prince Ferdinand's father went to London to discuss details of the marriage of Princess Marie of Edinburgh with the Duke of Edinburgh and Queen Victoria. Queen Victoria gave her blessings to the marriage, appointing Carol a Knight of the Garter.

After gaining approval from her grandmother Queen Victoria, Princess Marie married Prince Ferndinad of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen in Sigmaringen Castle. Following the civil ceromoney two separate ceremonies were held due to their different religions of Catholic & Protestant. The German Emperor, the King of Romania, the Dukes and Duchesses of Edinburgh and Connaught, and plenty of other notables, attended the wedding. The first guest to arrive was the Grand Duke Alexis, the Czar's brother, and uncle of the bride. There was the usual innumerable presents and of course, a huge wedding-dinner.

On their engagement, Queen Victoria wrote to her granddaughter Princess Victoria of Hesse, describing Ferdinand as “nice” and his parents “charming,” although she was quite displeased about Romania, calling it a  “very insecure” country with an immoral society and a “quite awful” capital.

Princess Marie in her wedding dress © Royal Collection Trust / HM King Charles III 2024

On the day of the wedding Queen Victoria wrote -

“Little Missy’s wedding today, which I am sorry I could not be present at. Thought about it much all day. – Out in the pony chair, Jane C. walking. – Heard that the Civil Marriage at Sigmaringen was to be at 4, & the religious ceremonies afterwards. – In the afternoon drove at length, since nearly a fortnight, in the open carriage, with Harriet P. & Rosa H. – After tea, saw L Rosebery & talked with him on most of the important topics of the day; of a new Ambassador for Vienna, of Sir C. Ford, who he thinks is doing well at Constantinople, of Sir E. Smith & Morocco, where he has not been a success! We talked of German irritation about a railway in the East, but L Rosebery thinks this will be amicably settled. – We dined in the Durbar Room: the Portuguese Minister M. de Soveral, the Rumanian M. de Pelagino, L° Rosebery, the 4 Ladies, LY Cowell & Alice Curzon Howe, Adm: Fullerton, Dr Woods, Sir E. Commerell, Gen: Du Plat, Major Bigge, Sir H. Ponsonby with Maggie & Fritz, M’ Muther & D’ Reid. At dessert I gave out the following health: “I wish to propose the health of my dear grandchildren pce & pSS Ferdinand of Romania with every wish for their happiness.” – Heard that the wedding had gone off extremely well, that Missy had looked lovely, & that the young couple had left for Krauchenwies.”

© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2012 © Bodleian Libraries © ProQuest

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