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Queen Victoria's Journal - The confirmation of Prince Arthur, 26th April 1866

On 26th April 1866, the confirmation of Prince Arthur, seventh child of Queen Victoria, took place at St Mildred's Church, Whippingham, Isle of Wight.

"Very fine warm. - Took a short drive in the small pony phaeton with Lenchen. Resting, when I came in. - Shortly before 12 drove with Arthur to Whippingham Church, the 3 girls following (Baby being better & able to go), Christian & Leopold having gone on before. All the company & servants were already in the Church when we got there. We took up our place, where we did before, being joined by Ernest & Marie L. Dear Arthur before the first time in a tailed coat) stood before the altar looking very dear & much impressed by the solemnity of the moment. The service commenced with the Hymn "Come Holy Ghost, our souls inspire", & the Hymn "A happy day that fixed my choice" was also, both, the same as at Louise's Confirmation. The Arch Bishop gave a most beautiful, simple, & touching Charge, in which he alluded most appropriately to Arthur's Godfather, the great Duke of Wellington (whose son I therefore had invited to be present), & very feelingly to my beloved Albert, which quite brought the tears to my eyes, & I had a hard fight to regain my composure. It was so touching to see the dear Boy standing there alone & I feel his dear Father's blessing will have been surely resting on him! When the service was over I embraced him & took him out with me. The Church was charmingly & tastefully decorated with flowers [...]

On getting home I took Arthur to his Father's room, where I gave him a fine piece of plate, & a copy of a picture of myself. Then saw the good kind Arch Bishop who is such an amiable man & performs all these ceremonies so well. Ernest & Marie L. remained to luncheon & Baby was able to appear, though she had some fits of coughing & looks sadly pulled down. - Saw Mr Jolley & gave him a present, a small golden Chalice. - Out driving with Lenchen, Arthur & Christian, going to Binstead, where we got out & visited the Lococks. - No one, but Leopold, the addition to our dinner. - Augusta S. afterwards came up to my room & read to me. - I felt thankful to God for this day, & that my dear Boy was in such a good, healthy & devotional frame of mind. He is so really religious, without cant or exaggeration, & I feel very hopeful for the future. Sad as everything is now, I shall yet look back on this day with satisfaction & a ray of pleasure has gladdened my sad & broken heart.

May God bless our dear Child!"

© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2012

© Bodleian Libraries © ProQuest

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