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Queen Victoria’s Journal - The confirmation of Prince Alfred, 5th April 1860

Confirmation of Prince Alfred, 5 April 1860 . © Royal Collection Trust / HM King Charles III

On 5th April 1860, the confirmation of Queen Victoria's second eldest son, Prince Alfred, took place at Windsor Castle.

"Saw dear Affie for a moment. He did not come to breakfast. — Afterwards we walked with the visitors, Alice, Bertie & the little girls down to St. George's Chapel & showed them the beautiful monument of dear Aunt Gloucester, which is now finished, & with which they were greatly delighted. Fine, but a very high wind. — Dressing, I, in a striped blue satin dress, Alice, in lilac & the little girls in green. We all assembled at 12 in the Audience Room, dear Mama & Marie L. joining us. Albert then fetched up Affie, who was in his uniform, & proceeded to the Chapel, we & Affie going in first. Everything just as at the 3 previous Confirmations, with the exception of Mr Onslow being within the altar rails [...]

Prince Alfred at his confirmation, April 1860. © Royal Collection Trust / HM King Charles III

The Bishop of Chester, as Clerk of the Closet, stood behind me. The service was very impressive, & dear Affie was much impressed & overcame when I kissed him & pressed his dear beautiful face between my hands. A very fine Chorale "Oh, happy bond that seals my vows" was sung by the St. George's Choir, & the Arch Bishop's Charge was very good & to the purpose. After the service was over we talked to the Company & then went into the King's Room, where all Affie's presents were laid out. We gave him a fine clock, a seal, a telescope, &c, & Mama a fine watch chain. At ¼ to 2 we all sat down to luncheon, including dear Mama. The Baby appeared, looking a great duck. Afterwards we took leave of all our guests. — Took a walk with Affie. — Received a telegram from Victor, saying his father was better, but he had been almost despaired of. — Saw Major Cowell, to whom we gave a fine silver vase, & Mr Onslow (whom I like so much) a silver inkstand. — We dined alone with our 3 children, & afterwards when Alice & Affie were gone, had a long talk with Bertie, whom we found very sensible & right minded, with good & right feelings. Thus ended this important day."

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