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Queen Victoria’s Journal - The christening of Princess Victoria, 10th February 1841

The royal christening, In Buckingham Palace, February 10th 1841, of the Princess Royal of England © Royal Collection Trust / HM King Charles III 2024

“Today it is a year, that I have been blessed by becoming the wife of my beloved Albert. What perfect happiness I have enjoyed since then! & how I pray it may continue. This anniversary must ever be the most precious one in my life. — Albert gave me a little brooch representing a cradle with the Child in it, — the quaintest thing I ever saw & so pretty. — We went up to the Nursery after breakfast, & when we came down, received from Mama her Christening gift for the Baby: her miniature beautifully set in a small wreath of diamonds, with a row of pearls attached to it. — I felt rather shaken by yesterday’s experience, & was not feeling very well. — Saw the Christening Font, which is very beautiful. — We went up to the Nursery, & gave presents to the Nurses, &c. — We received from the Queen Dowr, for our little girl, a beautiful silver gilt jug & ewer, from Aunt Gloucester a most charming set of silver gilt ornaments, consisting of 2 cups & saucers, a tray, knife, fork & spoon & soup basin & ladle; from Uncle Sussex, a delightful small silver gilt tea pot, cream jug, sugar basin, &c & tray. The designs of all the presents are beautiful. — We were accused by matching from the windows of our luncheon room, the crowd outside — Ld Melbourne came after 3. He talked of there being great alarm about this American business. — Rested, & read Despatches, Albert going meanwhile, to look at the rooms. […]

The Christening of Victoria, Princess Royal, 10 February 1841’ by Charles Robert Leslie between 1841-1842 © Royal Collection Trust / HM King Charles III 2024

Dressed in a white ribbed silk gown, trimmed with my wedding lace, with my diamond Diadem, necklace of Turkish diamonds, & Albert’s beautiful sapphire & diamond brooch. He was in his Field Marshal’s uniform with high boots, & looked so handsome. We went into the Green Drawingroom & received all the Company. When all had arrived, the Archbishops of Canterbury & York, the Bishops of London & Norwich, & the Dean of Carlisle (as Vicar of the Parish in which our child was born) went into the Throne Room, which was very handsomely filled up as a Chapel. We 2, with our suite, went in soon after we then sent for the Child who looked very dear in a white Honiton point lace robe & mantle, over white satin. She was carried by Mrs Pegley, followed by Mrs Batsey, Mrs Roberts. Albert & I stood on the left of the Archbishop, the Sponsors: the Queen Dowr, Aunt Gloucester, Mama, Uncle Leopold, Uncle Sussex, & the Duke of Wellington (representing Papa) taking up their places, opposite us. The whole Company then entered, followed by some of the upper servants. The Archbishop of Canterbury christened the Baby from the new Font, & with water from the river Jordan, sent by Dr Browning for the purpose.

Victoria, Princess © Royal, by Franz Xaver Winterhalter, dated 1842 Royal Collection Trust / HM King Charles III 2024

The names the child was given were: Victoria, Adelaide, Mary Louise. She was wide awake & never cried, though the Archbishop held her most uncomfortably. My sincere & fervent Prayers were offered up for our dear Child. After the Ceremony was over, everyone looked at & admired her, & Mrs Pagley was most “rayonnante” curtseying & backing out of the room when she left. We went again into the Queen Drawingroom, & from there almost immediately to dinner, in the Gallery. Uncle Leopold led me in, & I sat between him & Uncle Sussex. The dinner was very splendid. Victoria’s (as I shall now always call her) health was drunk, & was the Irst Toast: “The Princess Royal”, Rule Britannia being played after it. The poor Duke of Wellington, I thought looking poorly, but in good spirits. The Band played beautifully after dinner, & we remained with the Company till ½ p. 11, when all left. Albert a I agreed that all had gone off beautifully & in a very dignified manner.”

©Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2012

© Bodleian Libraries © ProQuest

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