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Queen Victoria’s Journal - The Christening of Prince Alexander of Battenberg, 18th December 1886

Updated: Feb 1

Princess Beatrice with Prince Alexander, dated December 1886 © Royal Collection Trust / HM King Charles III

“A beautiful morning. — Had a letter from Clémentine announcing Ferdinand’s being offered the throne of Bulgaria, & the great wish expressed, that he should accept, which he felt inclined to do, only wished to know what Russia would say! — Think Ferdinand quite unfit for the position. — Saw Ld Iddesleigh, who takes the same view, & said he would take care, Ferdinand was not looked on as our Candidate, which we feared might happen. — Went over to Beatrice, & gave her a little locket, for the dear Baby’s hair, & then went to see that all was properly prepared in the White Drawingroom. It looked very nice with plants in the window, & white flowers all round the font. — At 1 o’clock the Christening took place. We all met in the Corridor, Bertie, Alix, Eddy (come from Aldershot) Lenchen, Christian Louise, little Daisy & Arthur, Pce Alexander, Sandro, & ourselves. Bertie, Irène, Pce Alexander, Sandro, & I (the sponsors) entered the White Drawingroom first, & took up our places on the right of the font. Then, followed Beatrice, (who had been rolled in a wheeling chair, to the door) wearing a pale blue, dress, with lace, & a little lace coiffure in her hair, Liko, & the rest of the family. A harmonium, which was in the room behind us, was played by Mr Parratt, & the boys of the St. George’s Choir sang 2 Hymns. After the first one, the dear Baby was brought in by Mary Biddulph. By my special desire, it wore the old family Christening robe, just as Beatrice herself had worn my wedding veil. Mary Biddulph handed the Baby to me, & I, to the Dean of Windsor, who performed the ceremony, & the dear little child received the names of Alexander Albert. He was very good. A Hymn concluded the service, after which, we all went into the Corridor, where the dear Baby was shown & admired, & all the ladies & gentlemen, came up to speak to Beatrice. The presents were placed on a table there. Then, we all lunched in the Oak Room, & at the end I gave out the Baby’s health. We all separated afterwards, Bertie, Alix, Helen, & Eddy, leaving. – Went over a little later, to Beatrice, who was resting. – Took a short drive later, with Louise. Very cold & freezing. The water very much out. – Ly Southampton, Evelyn P. Ld Onslow, Col: Wood (formerly of the 10th Hussars), Sir William Jenner & Baron Rotsmann, dined. The last named, has been for many years with Pce Alexander, & is devoted to the whole family.-“

© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2012

© Bodleian Libraries © ProQuest

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