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Queen Victoria's Journal - The christening of Prince Albert of Schleswig-Holstein, 31st March 1869

On the 31st March 1869, Prince Albert, son of Princess Helena and grandson of Queen Victoria, was baptised in the Private Chapel at Windsor Castle

Prince Albert in 1869 © Royal Collection Trust / HM King Charles III

"A bright morning. - After breakfast went to wish Aunt Cambridge good morning, then drove with Baby down to Frogmore, where I saw Lenchen for a moment & gave a present to the monthly nurse, & a bronze bust of my dearest Albert for the dear Baby, who was to bear his name. Then walked to the Mausoleum & drove home. - At 10 o'clock the Christening took place in the Chapel. I, Louise, Arthur, Leopold, George C., the Dss of Roxburghe & Herr von Fabrice (Min of the King of Saxony), assembled, as Sponsors in the in the White Drawingroom, & then went into the chapel, whither Lenchen, Christian Aunt Cambridge, Baby, Edward P.W.& visitors occupied all the pews below, & the servants the ones & above. George was the only real Sponsor, all the others being proxies: I, for the Dowr Queen of Denmark, - Louise, for Alix, - the Dss of Roxburghe for Alice, - Arthur for Affie, - Leopold, for Fritz Holstein, & Herr van Fabrice, for the King of Saxony. I named the child Albert, (by which name he is to be called) John, (after the King of Saxony) Charles, Frederick, Alfred, George. He was so good, though wide awake, & looked so big. The Arch Bishop of Canterbury performed the service, & very impressively. Afterwards we went into the Green Drawingroom where little Christian & the Baby appeared & the company came in. Lenchen looked extremely well, all in white. We had a family luncheon of 11, in the Oak Room, after which we all separated. Bertie's children came in, towards the end of luncheon. - Very tired, & resting, then took a nice drive with Baby & the Dss of Roxburghe, by Holyport & Fifield. A fine evening. - Edward s.W., the Ld Chancellor, Jane Churchill (came yesterday) & Ld Geraldine Somerset dined. All went afterwards to the Drawingroom, & the Dss of Roxburghe to my room & read to me.

© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2012

© Bodleian Libraries © ProQuest

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