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Queen Victoria’s Journal - The Christening of Lord Leopold Mountbatten, 29th June 1889

On this day, 29th June 1889, Prince Leopold, son of Princess Beatrice and grandson of Queen Victoria, was baptised at St George’s Chapel, Windsor.

Christening of Prince Leopold of Battenberg in St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, 29th June 1889 by William Simpson © Royal Collection Trust/HM King Charles Ill

Known as ‘Leo’ by close family, he was baptised with the names Leopold Arthur Louis. His godparents were: King Leopold II of Belgium; Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught; Prince Louis of Battenberg; Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll; Princess Marie of Erbach-Schönberg; and Princess Helena, Duchess of Albany.

Photograph of Prince Leopold, dated 29th July 1891 © Royal Collection Trust/HM King Charles Ill

Queen Victoria wrote of the day in her journal -

“We all breakfasted at Frogmore, & I afterwards walked & went in the pony chair, then sat writing & signing. — In the afternoon, the Christening of Beatrice’s dear little Boy took place in the Nave of St. George’s Chapel. Drove down, with Beatrice, Liko & Vicky, all the others preceding us. The Sponsors were: Leopold of Belgium, represented by Bertie, Arthur, by Abby of S. H., Louis Battenberg, by Lorne, Louise, Helen, & Marie Erbach, the latter represented by Marie Leiningen. Lenchen, her girls, & young Vicky were also there. We stood close to the Font, quite at the end of the Nave, near the Beaufort Chapel & to my dear Father’s statue. The Dean christened the dear fine Baby, who was handed to me by Mary Biddulph, & he received the names of Leopold, Arthur, Louis. He was very good. The service commenced with the Hymn “Saviour, Who Thy flock art feeding”. All the Ladies & gentlemen were present, as well as the Belgium Minister, Lord Cross, & the Mayor of Windsor. The ceremony over, we all returned to the Castle, & went into the Green Drawingroom, were tea was arranged at small tables. Bertie had kindly come, at considerable inconvenience, & had to leave again soon. The Baby & the other children were brought in. — After 6, drove with Louise, Marie L. & Vicky, Lorne following in a 2nd carriage with the Dss of Roxburghe & Rosa Hood, the Equerries riding, to the Agricultural Show. There were a great many people about everywhere, who cheered very much. Drove down the long avenue, stopping to see the Bees, past my Pavilion, to the Cattle Sheds, — to the great Ring, where some of the splendid prize stallions, & prize cattle were shown.“

© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2012

© Bodleian Libraries © ProQuest

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