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Queen Victoria’s Journal - Laying of the foundation stone of the Royal Mausoleum, 15th March 1862

On the 15th March 1862, Queen Victoria laid the foundation stone for the Royal Mausoleum which would eventually house the remains of Prince Albert. The foundation stone was laid by Victoria on the 15th of March 1862 but it had been intended to be laid on the first anniversary of Victoria’s mother the Duchess of Kent’s death, but it was laid the day before the anniversary as it occurred on a Sunday.

Queen Victoria was accompanied by many of her children and members of staff in attendance to the royal household for the ceremony of laying the foundation stone.

The foundation stone at the Royal Mausoleum, photographed 6th April 1862 © Royal Collection Trust / HM King Charles III 2024

Queen Victoria’s Journal -

“The first anniversary of the terrible day when we were called to Frogmore to dearest Mama. & Went to the Blue Room, where the children had again placed lovely flowers. — Drove with Vicky, Alice & Baby down to Frogmore, the others having walked down. We waited for few minutes till Col. Biddulph came to tell us all was ready. With trembling steps I walked followed by the children, to the spot where the mausoleum is being built & where our people & some others were waiting. I stood close to the stone, Mr Humbert handing me the trowel & the mallet, & helping in lowering the stone. The children stood near me. The Dean, in a faltering voice read a beautiful Prayer asking for God’s blessing on the work. I shook him by the hand & then left. The moment we were outside I embraced all the dear children & we went to dear Mama’s mausoleum & Frogmore House. Drove home with Vicky, Louise & Arthur. — Baby lunched with me. — Alice drove me. Very foggy. Afterwards went with all the children for a few moments to St. George’s Chapel & placed wreaths on the spot below which my precious Albert’s earthy remains rest for the present. Were all much moved. — Saw Gen: Grey & afterwards good Sir C. Eastlake, to whom I showed Vicky’s beautiful drawings. — Lenchen & Arthur dined with me. — Saw Augusta B. & then the children came to me, after which the dear Countess sat with me a little while. Thus ended this very trying day. —“.

© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2012

© Bodleian Libraries © ProQuest

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