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Queen Victoria’s Christmas journals, 24th December 1860, her final Christmas with Prince Albert

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1860 ©️ Royal Collection Trust / HM King Charles III 2024

“Already this dear Festival returned again, & this year with true Xmas weather, snow on the ground & sharp frost. — Albert & the Princes our shooting, but Louis preferred remaining with Alice. Walked down with them to the skating pond, where we found the other girls, &c. — All skated again after luncheon, when there was a regular game at Hockey, in which Louis joined with great spirit. We came home after 4, then began the arranging of the present tables, which was most bewildering, but however at last with dear Albert’s great indefatigability, we succeeded. Everything was as usual, only this time we had both our elder Boys at home, & Louis things were placed on the same table as Alice’s. — A little after 6 we all went in to the “Bescherung”, including dear Mama & the Leiningens. Everyone seemed delighted with their presents. I got charming & beautiful things perhaps the one gift most precious to me being a little bracelet in the clasp of which are small coloured photographs of dear Alice & Louis, their united cyphers on the top & their hair at the back, given them. All the dear Children worked me something, also Mama. At 7 we gave my gifts to the Ladies & Gentlemen who afterwards came over to see our things. A usual, such a merry happy night with all the Children, & not the least happy, dear Alice & Louis. We remained all together till near 8. — No addition to our dinner, but Gen: & Mrs Bruce. —“

© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2012 © Bodleian Libraries © ProQuest

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