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Queen Victoria’s Christmas journals, 24th December 1857

Queen Victoria’s Christmas tree at Windsor Castle, 24th December 1857 ©️ Royal Collection Trust / HM King Charles III 2024

“This day has come round so fast again, & it feels quite unlike it, it is so springlike & all the birds singing. — Albert went out shooting & I rode with Mary Bulteel, Gen: Greg, & Col: Biddulph, “Sunset” going so well. — Ernest L. (come for Xmas) appeared for luncheon. — So busy, — so many things to choose & arrange, & sending all the poor Orleans family my presents. — Took quite a short turn with Vicky. — Gave the Governesses, Dressers, maids, &c & also the Tutors my presents, then hurried off to arrange the things in the different rooms, & always kept in suspense, by some of the things not turning up, — in short such a state of bustle. At length, only shortly before ½ p. 6, as Mama did not arrive sooner, we went with her & all the 9 Children (Affie having come) into the rooms with the Xmas trees & presents. There was a great display of things, & all seemed much pleased, — none more so than Vicky, whose last happy Xmas it was with us all, as a Child! A sad thought, but she was very cheerful. Dearest Albert gave me such beautiful things, — really much too many, — amongst them a copy of Winterhalter’s picture of the Empress Eugénie in a straw hat, which I am so particularly fond of, & which is charming. Dear Mama gave 2 very pretty drawings of her rooms at Frogmore by Roberts, work, done by herself, books, &c —. Most of the Children gave drawings or pieces of work. Dear Albert was much pleased with the little Horace Vernet I gave him, as well as other things I had thought out, including a luncheon case. At 7, we gave the Ladies & Gentlemen their tree & gifts in the Oak Room, & they seemed much pleased with them. Then, back to our rooms, where there was a merry, happy scene. All our things much admired. Remained till near 8. — Ernest the only addition to our dinner. Wore some of my chraming gifts, & so did Vicky. — Thankful & happy for all my beloved one gave me, only sorry the exciting moment is over!“

© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2012 © Bodleian Libraries © ProQuest

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