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Queen Victoria’s Christmas journals, 24th December 1850

Updated: Jan 10

Queen Victoria’s Christmas tree at Windsor Castle, 1850 by James Roberts ©️ Royal Collection Trust / HM King Charles III 2024

“The frost gone, a raw dull morning. – Albert out shooting, & I, walking with the Children. – We walked out in the afternoon, & found it raw & damp. – We began, by giving our present to poor LY Lyttelton, a bracelet containing the portraits of our 5 younger Children, & 2 prints of the Children. Then gave presents to our personal servants &c. & were busy arranging the tables. At a little after 6 we all assembled & my beloved Albert 1 tS took me to my tree & table, covered by such numberless gifts, really too much, too magnificent. I am delighted with the really splendid picture in water colours by Corbould, representing the famous scene at the Coronation in “Le Prophèti”, — & a very pretty oil painting of “Faith” represented by a female figure & 2 angels by MIS Richards, also a fine oil painting of “‘Allegro” & “Il Penseroso”, by Horseley. The one present from dearest Albert, which is of infinite value to me is a miniature of my beloved Louise in a clasp to a bracelet, in dull, deepest blue enamel, with a black cross, the Cypher & stars in diamonds, all, dear Albert’s own design & very lovely. I annex a sketch of it. I also received charming gifts from dear Mama. The 3 girls, all worked me something. The 7 Children were then taken to their tree, jumping & shouting with joy over their toys & other presents. The Boys could think of nothing but the swords we had given them & Bertie of some armour, which however he complained, pinched him! Mama had her tree & table in the same room, & Albert his, in the 3d last room. Amongst my gifts was a painting by Landseer, as a pendant to his “Lassie”, – a Highlander in a snow storm “on the Hall”, with a dead eagle in one hand, & dog near him. The colouring is beautiful, & the whole thing is a “chef d’oeuvre”.

Christmas trees of the Duchess of Kent and the royal children at Windsor Castle, 1850 by James Roberts Royal Collection Trust / © His Majesty King Charles III 2024

Dear Albert was kindly pleased with everything, but I felt it was so poor in comparison to what he had given me. – At 7, we gave the Ladies & Gentlenmen their tree & gifts, & then showed them our things. – Mama, &c. to dinner, L Camoys sitting next to me, having just came into waiting. He is a very sensible, broad minded Roman Catholic & is dreadfully distressed at what has happened. He said he felt quite uncomfortable having to go into society, & felt he was a check on everyone; conversation; – That he highly disapproved of the Pope’s late act, for 3 reasons, 1rst because it was not at all wanted; 2nd that the manner in which the affair had been carried on was most objectionable, & 3rd that the time selected was the very worst, just when the Irish Hierarchy had rendered themselves particularly odious to this country. L’ Camoys says that Cardinal Wiseman is ambitions & entirely wanting in judgement. -“© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2012 © Bodleian Libraries © ProQuest

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