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Queen Victoria’s Christmas journals, 24th December 1840, her first Christmas as a wife and mother

Queen Victoria by John Partridge, given to Prince Albert by Queen Victoria on 24th December 1840 ©️ Royal Collection Trust / HM King Charles III 2024

“After our breakfast, we went up to the Baby. — Wrote letters, read Despatches & rested. — Albert told me that poor dear old “Dash”, was dead, which grieved me so much. I was so fond of the poor little fellow, & he was so attached to me. I had had him since the beginning of Feb: 1833. — Just before 12 we walked out for ½ an hour. It was cold, but bright & fine. We walked to the old oak & back, & I walked very well. Albert then sent down to Frogmore & skated. — Mama arrived just before luncheon. — Wrote letters & my Journal. — Rested. — Soon after 5, Ld Melbourne came. We talked of the awkward state of Spain & Portugal, the latter having refused to ratify a Treaty with Spain about the navigation of the Douro, & instead of acting in the right way, Spain has marched an army to the frontier, threatening to enter Portugal immediately, if she does not ratify. We hope by our mediation & advise, to be able to settle the matter. The Portuguese are in the wrong, Ld M. said, but the Spaniards act in a most extraordinary manner. We are bound by our Treaties, which are of very long standing, to assist Portugal, if she is attacked. However, he hopes that if we send the Fleet there, that we shall stop the Spaniards. But Spain being also our ally, makes things somewhat awkward for us. — I then arranged the present tables for Albert & Mama, with 2 fine Christmas trees, in my large room, after which I went into the little middle blue room, where dearest Albert had arranged my table with a beautiful tree. From him I received a lovely sketch of our dear little girl by Ross, also ornaments for my table, & other pretty & useful things Mama gave me a bracelet with her portrait, books, &c. I gave Albert a curious picture by Lucas Cranach, a walking stick, & pictures, with all of which he was delighted. We gave all our people presents. – Besides ourselves, Mama, & Lady Fanny, the Maids of Honour, in waiting (Miss Cocks & Matilda) & Ld Melbourne, (who remain in the house) Ld Uxbridge & the Ansons, dined. Ld M. sat next to me. We had a Band playing during dinner, & my Band (stringed instruments) afterwards, a great pleasure. We stayed up till shortly after ½ p. 10. -“

© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2012 © Bodleian Libraries © ProQuest

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