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Queen Victoria’s Christmas journals, 24th & 25th December 1862, her first Christmas after the death of Prince Albert

24th December 1862 -

"Alas! Xmas Eve & all the joy I used to take in it gone! — Walked & drove with Alice, stopping at Barton, to look at the Xmas trees & presents prepared for the School Children. — Gave my presents to the maids, &c. — Lunched with Baby. — Took a short drive with dear Css Blücher, & on coming home went with all the Children to the Servant’s Hall where the Ladies & Gentlemen & the Protheros. Here, there were 2 Xmas trees & pieces of stuff for dresses, comforters, toys &c & cake were put out on tables. Distributed them to all the School Children, 120 in number, beginning with the girls. — Then I went to our Dining Room, where our tree & presents were & took all our Children into the room, at the end of which, under the dear Family picture, the children had placed 2 little Belgian pictures, which beloved Albert had bought at Brussels for me, the last time we there together, in 1860, as well as some other very pretty gifts. Gave numerous ones to the children & they were all so pleased. Remained some time downstairs. The Ladies & Gentlemen had their tree & presents given them by the girls. — Dined with Mrs Bruce, the others coming up afterwards — Felt terribly sad & low. The contrast with former happy blessed times, seemed almost more than I could bear. —“

Queen Victoria, dated 1862 © Royal Collection Trust / HM King Charles III

25th December 1862 -

"What a sad day for me now! — Bright sun & as warm as May. — Service at 10, after which walked down to the sea with Alice, Louis & Lenchen, driving back. It was so fine. — Rested & wrote. — Lunched with Baby. — Out in my pony chair with Bertie, the 2 little Boys & Mrs Bruce. When I came in, the dear Countess sat with me for a long time. — Dined alone with Mrs Bruce. The whole of Christmas seems to me like a dream! The others came up after dinner. —“

© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2012

© Bodleian Libraries © ProQuest

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