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Queen Victoria’s letters - A letter from Queen Victoria to her uncle Leopold I, King of Belgium, 22nd September 1855, on the engagement of Princess Victoria.

Princess Victoria and Friedrich in March 1863 ©️ Royal Collection Trust / HM King Charles III

“My dearest Uncle,—I profit by your own messenger to confide to you, and to you alone, begging you not to mention it to your children, that our wishes on the subject of a future marriage for Vicky have been realised in the midst gratifying and satisfactory manner.

On Thursday (20th) after breakfast, Fritz Wilhelm said he was anxious to speak of a subject which he knew his parents had never broached to us—which was to belong to our family; that this had long been his wish, that he had the same tire concurrence and approval not only of his parents but of the King— and that finding Vicky so allerliebst, he could delay no longer in making this proposal. I need not tell you to know nothing till after her confirmation, which is to take place next Easter, Evan he will probably come over, and, as he wishes himself, make her the proposal, which, however, I have little—indeed no— doubt she will gladly accept. He is a dear, excellent, charming young man, whom we shall give our dear child to with perfect confidence. What pleases us greatly is to see that he is really delighted with Vicky. Now, with Albert’s affectionate love, and with the prayer that you will give your blessing to this alliance, as you have done to ours, ever your devoted Niece and Child,

Victoria R”

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