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Queen Victoria’s letters - Letter from Queen Victoria to her uncle Count Emmanuel de Mensdorff-Pouilly. 15th January 1846

This letter is written in German and is a family letter although she does state that her political affairs are "specially well".

"Dear Uncle, May I express my sincerest good wishes for the New Year as well as for the coming birthday. My Albert as well as I wish that you may live for many more happy years and that heaven may continue to protect you.

May I thank you very sincerely for your last letter of the 30th that contained so much love and friendliness. We had such a desire to come to you and the dear cousins in Albert's lovely country (to which I also belong and which I liked so much).

This year's stay in Coburg-gotha is forever unforgettable and I left the year 45 with regret. Our numerous family members are as well as we are, thank goodness. Quite specially well are our political affairs and altogether happy.

We shall be moving to Buckingham Palace on the 21st, but will be going from time to time to Claremont. We are very pleased that your health is so good and that Arthur has recovered.

Albert sends a thousand good wishes and I remain ever your dear niece


Very many thanks for the most lovely New Year wishes."

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