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Queen Victoria’s letters - A letter from Queen Victoria to her uncle, King Leopold I of Belgium, following her mothers death on the 16th of March 1861

Updated: Jan 11

Victoria, Duchess of Kent with Princess Victoria (Later Queen Victoria) 1821 Royal Collection Trust / © His Majesty King Charles III 2024

“My dearly beloved Uncle, On this, the most dreadful day of my life, does your poor broken-hearted child write one line of love and devotion. She is gone! That precious, dearly beloved tender Mother- whom I never was parted from but for a few months-without whom I can’t imagine life – has been taken from us! It is too dreadful! But she is at peace- at rest- her fearful sufferings at an end! It was quite painless- though there was very distressing, heartending breathing to witness. I held her dear, dear hand in mine to the very last, which I am truly thankful for! But the watching that precious life going out was fearful! Alas! she never knew me! But she was spared the pang of parting! How this will grieve and distress you! You who are now doubly precious to us. Good Alice was with us all through, and deeply afflicted, and wishes to say everything kind to you. Bertie and Lenchen are now here- all much grieved, and have seen her sleeping peacefully and eternally! Dearest Albert is dreadfully overcome- and well he may, for she adored him! I feel so truly verwaist. God bless and protect you. Ever your devoted and truly unhappy Niece and Child, Victoria R.

P.S. – The devotion of dearest Mamma’s ladies and maids is not to be described. Their love and their devotion were too touching. There we all were round her the poor, good, old Clark, who is so devoted to us all. Ever again, your devoted Child,

Victoria R.”

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