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Queen Victoria’s Journal - The engagement of Princess Louise and John Campbell, Marquess of Lorne, 3rd October 1870

On 3rd October 1870, Princess Louise, fourth daughter and sixth child of Queen Victoria, got engaged to John Campbell, Marquess of Lorne at Balmoral.

“A fine morning, after frost, & the sky as cloudless as yesterday. — Walked a little & sat out reading & writing. — Jane C. & May L. came to wish me good bye. — Fritz is at Versailles & the accounts of the Hospital being in the Salle des Glaces, where the poor Emperor & Empress had given us that great Ball, & of a religion service being held there are very striking! The Prussians have got to St. Cloud & shots are being frequently exchanged with the Garde Municipale. The state of Paris is dreadful. — After luncheon writing. — Drove with Beatrice & Mary P. by the Bridge of Muich, where we had a change of horses & then to the Pannanich Wells, beyond Ballater, on this side of the river. Many years ago I had been there. Nu fortunately almost all the trees which used to cover the hills, have been cut down. Got out & tasted the water, which is strongly impregnated with iron, looked at the bath, & the humble, but very clean accommodation, in the curious little old I am, which used formerly to be much frequently, On our way back, stopped to take tea, in the woods near Birkhall. A glorious evening with the same wonderful sky & light. – Louise had gone with Janie, E., the Lord Chancellor, & Ld Lorne to Loch Muich & the Glassalt. They returned some time after I got home, & Louise came to speak to me & tell me, that while walking up to the Dhu Loch, Ld Lorne had told her of his feelings for her & had in fact proposed to her, & Knowing that I would approve & liked him, she had accepted him. I embraced her & gave her my blessing, but felt greatly agitated. I was not unprepared but did not expect it would come so quick. Of course nothing can be said till Lorne has heard from his Parents. – Jane C., Mme Van de Weyer, the Ld Chancellor, Lorne & young Fitzroy dined. —”

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