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Queen Victoria’s Journal - A carnival in honour of Queen Victoria's visit to Grasse, France. 30th March 1891

On the 30th March 1891, a carnival procession was held to honour Queen Victoria's visit to Grasse in France. Queen Victoria often visited the south of France for her annual holiday.

Carnival in honour of Queen Victoria’s visit. March 30th 1891. Grasse, France. The Queen can be seen standing on a balcony overlooking the procession. © Royal Collection Trust / HM King Charles III

"A splendid. — Went to Miss Rothschild's garden with Beatrice & Marie A. The flowers & orange trees laden with fruit were so lovely. Afterwards sat out in the Hotel garden. — I feel I can hardly describe the gay fête, which took place this afternoon at 3. It was what they call a "Bataille de Fleurs", of which I have so often heard & read accounts, but of course never seen. It is pretty & curious. We were all there, excepting poor Liko, who could see nothing, as his windows look out the other way. We were on a balcony covered with an awning, just over the entrance. The procession was headed by mounted Gens d'Armes, followed by Buglers in the dress of Louis XV, & the Band of the Chasseurs playing a march. Then came endless people in every conceivable costume seated in cars all decked with flowers & emblems, saluting & throwing flowers up at our balcony as they passed. We also threw flowers, of which we had baskets full ready prepared, but it was almost impossible to hit anyone. The procession was a very long one. It was a very original & amusing sight. Unfortunately there was a very high wind, but we were tolerably sheltered by screens. — Later, took a short drive with Beatrice & Jane C. along the road to Nice. It was quite charming, & very sheltered. We met many peasants returning from the many Fête. — Dressed earlier as we were to see the ending of the Fête of the "Bataille de Fleurs", a torch light procession, which however was rather a poor affair. The wind was so high that it blew the torches out. — The Ladies, Major Bigge & Col: Clerk dined with us. —"

© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2012

© Bodleian Libraries © ProQuest

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