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Prince Albert’s letters - Victoria and Albert’s engagement, A letter from Prince Albert to Queen Victoria, 15th November 1839

Updated: Feb 7

Prince Albert had to return to Coburg to settle his affairs before their wedding on 10 February 1840, so the couple were apart for much of their engagement, but they exchanged letters, including this example, written in the Prince's native German during his return journey to Coburg.

Prince Albert in 1839 by Sir William Ross © Royal Collection Trust / HM King Charles III

Dearest deeply loved Victoria.

According to your wish, and by the urging of my heart to talk to you and open my heart to you, I send these lines. We arrived safely at Calais, and Lord Alfred [Paget] is to re-cross in a ¼ of an hour, and will arrive at Windsor early tomorrow. The state of the tide and strong wind forced us to start at 2.30 in the morning, and we reached here at about 6 o’clock. Even then the Firebrand could not approach the quay, so that we decided to go ashore in a smaller boat. We both, Schenk, and all the servants were fearfully ill; I have hardly recovered yet. I need not tell you that since we left, all my thoughts have been with you at Windsor, and that your image fills my whole soul. Even in my dreams I never imagined that I should find so much love on earth. How that moment shines for me still when I was close to you, with your hand in mine. Those days flew by so quickly, but our separation will fly equally so.

Ernest wishes me to say a thousand nice things to you. With promises of unchanging love and devotion, your ever true Albert.

My best respects to dear Aunt and B[aroness] Lehzen

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