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Queen Victoria's Journal - The Queen and members of the royal family attend Mr Ginnett's Circus, 1st June 1893

On 1st June 1893, Queen Victoria and members of her family attended Mr Ginnett's Circus in a field close to the River Dee in Scotland. They attended again on 19th June.

Mr Ginnett’s Circus 1st June 1893 Royal Collection Trust/ © HM King Charles III

"Showery, but not cold. - Breakfast, as always with dear Marie & Sandra (who is a charming girl) - Out with them. - After luncheon, a travelling Circus gave a performance in the field near the river, before the lower road to Abergeldie. The seats were arranged like an amphitheatre, with many all around. All my people & tenants with their families were there. We had a raised platform, where we all sat, including the Ladies & Gentlemen. The Circus belongs to a Mr Ginnett. The first item on the Programme I thought very pretty, a Quadrille ridden by 8 men & women in Spanish costumes. The clowns were very amusing & delighted the children, & there were some very clever piebald donkeys. Mrs Ginnett, wife of the proprietor rode very well. All the horses seemed so well broken. There was a ring in the centre on which saw dust was strewn. I spoke to Mr Ginnett at the conclusion of the performance, before leaving. - Took tea on coming home, in the Library, after which I took a short drive with Ina Mc Neill. - The Dss Of Atholl, Ethel Cadogan (who came today), Sir F. Edwards & Mr Yorke dined. -"


RA VIC/MAIN/QVJ (W) 1 June 1893 (PRINCESS BEATRICE'S COPIES) retrieved 30 May 2024

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