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Queen Victoria's Journal - The day she was proclaimed Queen, 21st June 1837

Proclamation of Queen Victoria’s accession 1837 © Royal Collection Trust / HM King Charles III

"Wednesday, 21st June.- Got up at 8. At 9 we all breakfasted. At ½ p.9 I went to St.James's in State. Mamma and Lady Mary Stopford were in my carriage, and Lord Albemarle, Col:Cavendish, Lady Flora Hastings, and Col: Harcourt in the others. I subjoin an account of the Procession and Proclamation. After the Proclamation Mamma and the Ladies repaired to an adjoining room and left me in the Closet. I gave audiences to Lord Melbourne (a long one), the Earl Marshal (Duke of Norfolk), and Garter King at Arms (Sir John Woods), relative to the funeral of my poor Uncle the late King; to Lord Albemarle, Lord Hill, Lord Melbourne (again for some time), and the Lord President (Lord Lansdowne). I then held a Privy Council in the Throne room. It was not fully attended and was not the third part so full as it had been on the preceding day. The Marquis of Anglesea, the chancellor of the Exchequer (Mr.Spring Rice), Lords Wharncliffe, Ashburton, and Whynford, Sir Hussey Vivian, and some Judges were sworn in as Privy Councillors, and kissed hands. After the Council I gave audiences to Lord Melbourne the Archbishop of Canterbury, and all the Bishops except one or two, the Lord Chancellor and all the Judges; Sir Hussey Vivian (Master General of the Ordnance), Lord John Russell, Lord Glenelg, Mr. Poulett Thompson, Lord Howick, Lord Palmerston, and Lord Minto. I then returned home at 1. I must say it was quite like a dream and a sad one, when I was seated in the Closet where but barely 5 weeks ago I beheld for the last time my poor Uncle. - Saw Clark. Saw Mary. At 2 came Stockmar till after 3. Wrote to the Duchess of Gloucester and Princess Augusta. Walked. Saw the Duke of Norfolk. Wrote my journal. At 7 we dined. At 10 minutes to 9 came Lord Melbourne and stayed with me till 10. I had an agreeable and important and satisfactory conversation with him. Stayed up till a ¼ p. 10.

Lord Hill told me a curious coincidence which is, that the 21st of June, the day on which was proclaimed, is likewise the anniversary of the Battle of Vitoria"


RA VIC/MAIN/QVJ (W) 21 June 1837 (LORD ESHER'S TYPESCRIPTS) retrieved 16 June 2024

© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2012

© Bodleian Libraries

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