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Queen Victoria's Journal - The birth of Princess Viktoria of Prussia, 12th April 1866

On 12th April 1866, Princess Viktoria of Prussia, daughter of Princess Victoria and granddaughter of Queen Victoria, was born at New Palace, Potsdam, Prussia.

Princess Viktoria in the 1870s Source: Pinterest

"Much startled, on getting up, to hear that dear Vicky had this morning at 6 been delivered of a daughter, at the Neue Palais, Potsdam. Both doing well, but I did not expect the confinement quite so soon, so that I fear neither Dr Gram or the nurse, also not Ly Caroline Barrington, can have been there. - Walked a little with Louise & Baby. The dear old Camellia is still blooming & has done so ever since the beginning of January! The bushes on the Terrace are covered with flowers. - Saw Sir T. Biddulph before, & Sir J. Cowell after luncheon.

It rained heavily, but cleared late, when I got a little drive with Lenchen. Ly Caledon, the Biddulphs & Mr Sahl dined. Vicky's & her Baby's health's were drunk. - Augusta S. read. -"

© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2012

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