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About me...

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Dozens of trips to museums and royal residences sparked an interest for Amelia, she began looking into local Victorian events and came across Rochester Dickens. Amelia attended a local Dickens Festival as a normal Victorian lady; her friend noticed she would fit the royal role, prompting her to play Queen Victoria. Amelia finally gave in and took on the role. With months of research, sewing and making Amelia finally had her costume ready. When Amelia put on her first dress she knew this is what she wanted, to bring history back to life to young and old. Amelia created this website to reach more people and to carry on bringing Victoria and her darling Albert back to life, with exact replicas of Victoria's jewels and dresses Amelia has began to bring a new light back to Victoria after more than a hundred and fifty years after her death.

Amelia has been portraying Queen Victoria since the age of 15 and has travelled The United Kingdom providing historical interpretation, workshops and talks on Queen Victoria, her fashion and reign. Amelia takes great interest in both Queen Victoria and her impressive 63 year reign. From museum visits, authentic items to following in the footsteps of Queen Victoria in hopes of bringing an educational experience to all ages.

At the beginning of Amelia's journey she was suffering with both depression and anxiety, preventing her from attending social events & performing day to day activities. Through the years she grew into her role and often related to Queen Victoria's mental health and behaviour. As the years progressed Amelia's confidence flourished, she had finally found a purpose and a community. Portraying Queen Victoria and educating others on her life is not just a hobby but a home to Amelia.

You can find more about my journey on this article here -

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