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Educational Filming 

Why not bring history to life through the modern medium of film! Although Amelia and Shane specialise in historical interpretations they are both also experienced in acting as Victoria and Albert in front of the cameras. We can provide characters for TV, Advertisements and Educational Films.
One of Amelia's performances include being filmed for BBC " All over the place " in 2019, Amelia is able to take on speeches or scrips and perform them as if she was Victoria by delivering an authentic interpretation. 

Amelia and Shane are available for photo shoots, film, advertisements and other media.  

Costumes for both Prince Albert and Queen Victoria are already provided for our actors and include a wide variety of replicas. 


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Amelia has her own costume that includes  replicas of Victoria's lesser George, Order of the Garter breast star, riband bar brooches, a replica of a brooch given to Victoria by Albert, necklaces, lockets and multiple replicas of Victoria's crowns and tiaras. 

Her costume is based on Victoria in 1840's-1850's, including period correct petticoats and undergarments.

Prince Albert also comes included with his own period costume and replicas. 

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