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Our wardrobe includes various regalia and jewellery which were worn by the royal couple through their lives. Our replicas are supplied by some of the UK's leading manufactures.

Our garments range from 1840 to 1855, which feature period correct underlayers and foundations. A full list of our collection can be produced upon inquiry. 

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diadem .jpg

George IV Diadem

fringe tiara.jpg

Hanoverian fringe tiara

Lesser george.jpg

Queen Victoria's sapphire coronet 

20240423_153600 (2).jpg
20240423_151848 (1).jpg

The Most Noble Order of  The Garter breast stars 

Queen Victoria's Lesser George

Prince Albert's Lesser George

Wedding ring.jpg

Queen Victoria's engagement ring & heart locket

Image (40)_edited.jpg

Queen Victoria's miniature portrait bracelet


Queen Victoria's bar brooches 

Image (42).jpeg

Queen Victoria's garter armlet

Image (39)_edited.jpg

Queen Victoria's collet suite

Image (41).jpeg

Prince Alberts sapphire brooch

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