1840-50's Queen Victoria and Albert Impersonators

Their Majesties Queen Victoria and Prince Albert welcomes you


Historically Accurate

Amelia has spent hundreds of hours and stitches on her costumes. From replicas of Queen Victoria's order of the garter to replicas of her jewels 
Corded petticoats, corsets and a replica of Victoria's dress featured in 1842 portrait of her by Franz Xaver Winterhalter.

Young Queen Victoria Interactions

Victoria is always happy to answer questions on her life, her jewels and any other questions her loyal subject come up with. Amelia is well educated and knows Victoria's life down to the very details. Spending lots of time reading Victoria's journals Amelia has picked up on words and phrases Victoria used in every day life.


Recent appearances


BBC All over the place

'All Over the Place' series for the month of October. The Dickens Festival appearance starts at 20 mins 38 secs, and runs for 7 minutes. Includes Victoria answering questions, judging a costume competition and some shots throughout the episode.

All Over the Place UK: part 2: 2


The Daily star

16-year-old Amelia Burridge dresses up as 19th-century monarch Queen Victoria to help her escape her problems.


The World News

Self-confessed “goth” Amelia Burridge dresses up as the 19th century monarch to escape her problems.
The 16-year-old dons Victorian garments including six starched petticoats, a corset, bodice and skirt that weigh about 3st.


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