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Queen Victoria’s Journal - The birth of Princess Victoria, 1st December 1840

Updated: Jan 21

On the 21st November 1840, Queen Victoria gave birth to her first child, Princess Victoria, at Buckingham Palace

Princess Victoria by Franz Xaver Winterhalter, dated 1842 ©️ Royal Collection Trust / HM King Charles III 2024

“I am taking up my Journal again, which was interrupted by my confinement, & am writing, as well as I can, from memory & short notes. – Just before the early hours of the morning of the 21rst. I felt very uncomfortable & with difficulty aroused Albert from his sleep, who after a while, got Clark sent for. He came at ½ p. 2, Albert bringing him into the Bedroom. Clark said he would go to Lucock. Tried to get to sleep again, but by 4, I got very bad and both the Doctors arrived. My beloved Albert was so dear & kind. Lucock said the Baby was on the way & everything was all right. We both expressed joy that the event was at hand, & I did not feel at all nervous. After a good many hours suffering, a perfect little child was born at 2 in the afternoon, but alas. a girl & not a boy, as we both had so hoped & wished for. We were, I am afraid, sadly disappointed, but yet our hearts were full of gratitude, for God having brought me safely through my ordeal, & having such a strong, healthy child. Dearest Albert hardly left me at all, & was the greatest support & comfort. When he went to see Ministers, & the Baby was taken by Mrs Pegley (the monthly nurse for the Baby) into the room in which they were assembled, I saw good Lehzen for a moment. Dear Mama also came & was much relieved & delighted.-Albert had a late, hurried luncheon, & went to the Council at 4. I felt quite well & without a pain of any kind. Had some food & then, a good long sleep. – 1 awoke on the 22nd, having slept admirably & felt as well as if nothing had happened. Had an excellent appetite. Mama came to me for a little while & I also saw Lehzen & Stockmar for a moment. The dear little Baby was brought in to me several times & she was seen by numbers of people, Albert showing her. -The next days passed quietly & comfortably in the same way, & gradually I was allowed to do a little more. I have got a Wet Nurse for the Baby, a Mrs Ratsey, a fine young woman, wife of a sail maker at Cowes, Isle of Wight. – Albert read me letters from Uncle Leopold & Louise, delighted at my safe confinement. -On the 27th I was rolled unto my Dressingroom, – such a pleasant change. Mrs Lilly (my monthly Nurse) whom I like so much, is indefatigable & has looked splendidly after me.-Mama has been coming daily. – Occasionally my nights have been rather less good, but on the whole, all is going extremely well, & lam recovering fast. I am always settled for the night by ½ p. 10. – Albert has been reading to me a Despatch about the taking of St. Jean d’Acre, which is a great thing. – On the 30th was rolled into my large sitting room, a great pleasure, & the Baby was moved up into her new Nursery, having been till then in my large Dressingroom. – To return to the 1rst of December. I went again into the Sitting room, & at ½ p. 1, the Queen Dowr came to see me followed, after luncheon, by Aunt Gloucester. The Baby was in the room. – At 5, Albert brought in my good Ld Melbourne for a few moments, whom I was very glad to shake hands with & to see again. – After my dinner, Albert having his, in my room, he read me a curious letter from the King of Hanover, Mama came in, about 8, but did not remain long. We 2 played at “Ecart锑”

© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2012 © Bodleian Libraries © ProQuest

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