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Queen Victoria’s Journal - The birth of Prince Wilhelm of Prussia, later Kaiser Wilhelm II, 27th January 1859

Queen Victoria and Prince William of Prussia in 1864 © Royal Collection Trust / HM King Charles III

"This has turned out such a happy day! — Albert out shooting. — Rode with Lenchen for a short while in the Riding School. — While dressing received a telegram to say dear Vicky "had been some time indisposed", which greatly agitated me. After luncheon came the welcome eagerly expected news, in a telegram from Sir J. Clark: "All is happily over. The Princess as well as can be the young Prince also". Called all the Children in, & ran along to the Rubens Room, where Albert was sitting to Mr Boxall, to bring him the blessed news! Such joy! All the Household, servants, everyone delighted. Ran back to send numberless telegrams, to Berlin & to relations, &c — Wrote a hurried letter to dear Fritz, & afterwards walked down to Frogmore, & found Mama overjoyed. Truly grateful & happy, — relieved from a great weight, which we would not acknowledge, but which had pressed upon us both from morning till night. God is most merciful to us! Children in extacies at Uncle- & Aunt-ship, Arthur shouting out "I'm an uncle". General rejoicing, ringing of bells, & illuminations in the town. — Mama, &c —. Alice, Ld & Ly Shaftesbury & their daughter Victoria, Ld & Ly Sydney & Col: Wetherall (come for 2 nights) dined. Sat between Albert & Ld Donoughmore, (Vice President of Board of Trade) an agreeable & sensible man. The healths of dear Vicky & her infant son were drunk. Received further good accounts of both."

© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2012

© Bodleian Libraries © ProQuest

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