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Prince Albert’s final illness and death through Queen Victoria’s journals and letters – 25th November 1861

Daguerreotype of Prince Albert, dated 1842 © Royal Collection Trust

“My poor Albert not sleeping at all well, & this is aggravated by rheumatism. He left at ½ p. 10 for Madingley, to return tomorrow. & A windy morning. – Had a nice long painting lesson with M’ Leitch, Alice joining. — Drove out with Ernest & Marie & walked in the Forest. — In the afternoon walked with Alice. Poor Lady Caroline B. was fetched away to her dear old Mother this morning, & yesterday we heard that poor LY C. Chetwynd (only sister to LY Mary Hood) died from the results of a fearful fall off her horse when she fractured her spine. So much distress everywhere! — Sir Charles Phipps & Harriet, Major Elphinston & Capt: Ross, the additions to our dinner. Sat between Ernest & L Torrington. Thought much of dear Albert & hoped he would sleep. He has not had one night of quiet rest since some time & it makes him feel quite ill. -“

© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2012

© Bodleian Libraries © ProQuest

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